About Us

Client-driven Methodology

Kashir Law Associates believes in accessibility, and we as a firm have adopted a client-driven approach to tackle the contemporary issues arising in this fast-changing world. We find it most efficient and effective to be in constant communication with our clients, and to allow them to set their own course, all the while guiding and advising them with honest and valuable advice. Our team is approachable, answerable and available for our clients, through all mediums and at all locations, whether local or international. Our firm works on a client-driven service model and we employ internationally advised client care procedures, in including the clients in every little detail and action performed. We are focused squarely on our clients’ wants and needs.

Our international and interdisciplinary team of legal experts are chosen for each case depending on their unique talents and knowledge; we tailor the teams responsible for every case after viewing and establishing the requirement of the issues being dealt with. Each solution is out-of-the-box and created specifically for that client, each approach is fresh and each advice is personalized. We advise our clients timely, honestly, and with due diligence, after carefully listening to and analyzing each and every little detail provided to us by them.

Our greatest asset is our international network of specialists whom we bring on board for complex matters to ensure that we provide the best solution for our clients. Our consultants and advisors, with decades of experience over numerous territories and jurisdictions, are the very best our clients deserve, and KLA provides nothing less.

Pakistan Office

Atif Center, 1 Turner Road, Lahore, Punjab



Germany Office

Himmelgeister St. 111, 40255, Dusseldorf

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