Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Exceptional banking and financial lawyers will be needed from now into the future. Wood Phillip

KLA is one of the top-notch firms in the country for advising and counseling large-scale corporations, major banks, finance and credit providers and other entities in the financial arena. Our team enjoys the reputation of providing exceptional advisory and representative services across the full spectrum of banking and finance matters. We provide detailed and professional assistance to a wide array of clients, including multinational lenders and growth corporations, and have represented many prominent financial institutions in several matters related to banking law and creditors’ rights. Our experienced team makes possible for the clients to depend on us for all sorts of matters, ranging from everyday advice on borrowing and lending to more complex issues related to debt, equity or international large-scale transactions.

Domestic Services

With the ever-flourishing Islamic Banking sector in Pakistan, our team is remarkably skilled in dealing with all matters related to Islamic Finance, investments, borrowing and lending. Our expert attorneys also provide advise on a broad range of matters, including asset finance, bankruptcy, insolvency, corporate lending, asset-based lending, real estate finance and government finance. Amongst our many projects is providing advise to governmental agencies and regulators, who are responsible for framing the regulations which control the marketplace. This allows our firm to provide our clients with direct insight into the complex financial markets, enabling them to anticipate issues, manage risks and successfully implement their plans.

International Services

Our office in Germany, and the integrated team of lawyers in our firm combine their market-leading expertise in all major financial and commercial centres around the world to offer the best counselling for our clients. The global nature of our offices has rendered us ideally situated and adept at responding to and handling issues arising from the fast-changing market conditions, and allows us to provide seamless and affective solutions across borders. Our clients trust us to guide them through the intricacies of the various multi-national jurisdictional and legal systems and to provide the best and most efficient solution on all matters related to international financial borrowing, lending, liquidity, sustainable finance and many more.