About Us

International Services

Kashir Law Associates is matchless in this field, in having an international office in one of
the most important places and one of the largest economies in the world, providing us with a
unique perspective and understanding of today’s marketplace. With technological
advancements, cross border business, trade or services are highly sought by clients, and KLA
ensures all matter are dealt with efficiently.

Advice for foreign firms on local laws

Our offices in Pakistan and Germany regularly offer advice to international law firms on
questions regarding local laws and regulations. Our exceptionally skilled team of lawyers
work with the professionalism, knowledge, commitment and excellence at par with
international standards. In providing expert opinion with diligence and expertise when
approached from overseas, we continue to build lasting relations and increase our ever-
growing network.

Setting up Pakistanis in Germany

For Pakistanis looking to expand their business in Germany, or requiring services on matters
of immigration, patents and IP, litigation, negotiations, commercial or corporate matters, our
very own team of expert are present there to assist you in all areas legal. In our Dusseldorf
office, Pakistanis as well as international lawyers are available to guide you every step of the
way, with their first-hand knowledge of the country, and their legal system.

Advice for Overseas Nationals

Our team of experts are readily available to advise all overseas Pakistanis, especially German
Pakistanis who might require representation in the courts of Pakistan. Pakistanis residing in
Germany can hire our services in all civil, criminal or other matters by connecting through
our Dusseldorf office. Once hired, our clients need not worry about not being in the country;
our team at KLA is more than qualified to cater to our clients’ need, all the while keeping
them in the loop every step of the way.

Pakistan Office

Atif Center, 1 Turner Road, Lahore, Punjab



Germany Office

Himmelgeister St. 111, 40255, Dusseldorf

+49 152 1714 2980