IP-Media and Telecommunication

IP-Media and Telecommunication

Intellectual property is the driving-force in today’s marketing dense global economy, and the proper, inventive and original use of creative trademarks, patents, logos and company names can take the value of a company to a whole new level. Our team of media and IP lawyers work together to create ingenious business models on maximizing advertisement benefits. KLA provides advice on use of technologies, trademarks and designs, and negotiates contracts on behalf of our clients to safeguard their creations and achievements. Our team oversees clients’ trademark portfolios, technical inventions, corporate communications, media and advertisements. In the event of disputes, our team is exceptionally skilled in crisis-management, out of court settlements, and if the need arises, we represent our clients on all domestic and international forums, courts and tribunals, including the German Patent and Trademark Office, WIPO and OHIM. Our offices in both Pakistan and Germany allow us to take unique, out-of-the-box, effective and efficient positions on handling our clients’ legal matters, and our team’s interdisciplinary knowledge of the global market provides us with the ability to provide solutions most suited and beneficial for our clients. Our team of specialist are adept at working on cases from around the globe, up-to-date with the technological innovations and changing regulations, on all industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals, transportation, telecommunications, sports, goods, services, sellers and re-sellers, infrastructure and builders, and many more. There is no field in today’s media-centric world that does not require services of lawyers to deal with the complexities of the legal and economic arenas, and KLA deals with all such matters with innovations and expert solutions.

KLA provides services for clients on a broad range of activities, including:

Trademark and Design

Logos, monograms and graphics are not mere attractions for a company’s name; they are a source of recognition, and an essential characteristic for business success. Trademarks and designs are important for advertisements, social-media handling, TV and commercials, and other forms of marketing techniques. It is therefore essential that the trademark of a company is original, recognizable, unique and properly protected. Our team of lawyers ensure that our clients, in the creation and registration of their trademarks, domestically and internationally, do not meet with unnecessary difficulties or exploitations. At KLA, we work with due diligence and meticulousness to ensure that our clients’ interests are safeguarded, and provide exemplary and skillful advice and representation at all stages of legal matters and dealings. Our team offers the following services:

  • Trademark registration and licensing
  • Product replicas, duplicates and piracy
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts on production and distribution of products
  • Checking and ensuring availability of monograms, logos and designs
  • Litigation
  • ADR
  • Representing clients on world forums such as WPO, EUIPO
  • Offer trademarkand design strategy and portfolio management
  • Managing social media handles, internet domains and online license agreements
  • Intellectual Property rights due diligence
  • Agreements on the distribution of trademark products


One of the primary concerns of companies and industries working on technological innovations and ground-breaking inventions is to patent their works at the earliest in order to protect their formulas, know-how and trade secrets. Our team of IP experts formulate the best strategies for our clients in terms of patents, contracts of utility model protection, whichever is best suited. We provide our clients with the most efficient and effective measures of ensuring protection of their technologies and innovations, by registering patents, drafting and negotiating confidentiality, non-disclosure and R&D agreements, protecting trade secrets and employee contracts. In the event of disputes, or breach of our clients’ rights, our team of experts are ready to take the steps of litigation or alternative dispute resolutions at all available forums to get the best possible remedy for our clients.

  • Registration of patents
  • Protection of products and innovations
  • Utilization, clearance and remuneration of employees
  • Drafting R&D contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Litigation
  • ADR
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Production, distribution, selling and licensing agreements


Copyright laws can be tricky, and often discouraging for artists and clients, due to the growing technological advancements and difficulties in dealing with copyright infringements, both domestically and internationally. Our team ensures that copyrights laws are adhered to and our clients’ creative works are protected in all jurisdictions, our own and across the globe.  Whether the work is in the form of music, film, drama, art, print, games or software, we are always ready to take all appropriate measures necessary to ensure our clients’ rights are protected. In case of breach of copyrights, our team of internationally skilled lawyers are ready to settle matters in courts or outside, at all forums and all areas across the globe. Our team is also available in drafting, negotiating and amending contracts on behalf of our clients on matters of granting or transferring licenses, distribution, recreation and rights of use.

Media & Advertisement

Marketing of products, and businesses are heavily reliant on the media and advertisement industry, which greatly impacts the workings and success of companies. Any negative media coverage can have significant impacts on a company’s ratings and popularity. Our lawyers are adept providing advice on good marketing strategies and avoiding harmful marketing techniques. In case of a media emergency, our team of lawyers and crisis managers have the necessary experience to handle matters efficiently and proficiently with minimum impact on the client’s business reputation. Our media experts can tackle bad publicity with the in-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and the media industry. KLA has the experience of working on complex, domestic and cross-border, transactional, commercial, and IP matters, such as venture capitals, M&A, antitrust, finance and capital markets, with the unique ability to deliver advice on content safety, distribution and marketing, along with many other services:

  • Due diligence and avoidance of media crisis
  • Advertising and marketing projects
  • Online product sale and purchase
  • Checking labels, designs, logos online
  • Crisis and post-crisis management
  • Litigation, dispute resolutions
  • Media, publishing and press
  • Legal rights such as freedom of speech
  • Media distribution and antitrust
  • Content safety
  • Publicity and marketing events
  • Price fixing law
  • Drafting and negotiating advertisement and media agreements