IT and Data Protection

IT and Data Protection

In modern societies, in order to empower us to control our data and to protect us from abuses,
it is essential that data protection laws restrain and shape the activities of companies and
governments. Privacy International

The highly digitalized and data sensitive world we now live in requires a team of
professional, skilled, and expert lawyers who can navigate the complex landscapes of
compliance, breaches and regulations. Our team of globally experienced IT and data
protection lawyers guide our clients through all situations with pragmatic, efficient and
business-minded solutions. Our team is always ready to take on challenges of all natures,
whether they be privacy disputes, breaches, risk assessments, or contract creations. Our
clients trust our advice and our strategies, whether the issue be amendments in privacy laws,
online tracking, sensitive information management or international information and data

Services in Pakistan

Digitalization, and with that the need for IT and data protection, is becoming one of the most
important fields in Pakistan. Corporations, offices, hospitals, universities, and all market
participants wish to safeguard themselves from privacy breaches and information leaks. KLA
is the leading law firm which provides clients with leading models on privacy and data
protection, effective and secure contracts, and latest models on protective and secure use of
data. Our team offers a complete package of both defensive and offensive strategies, by
protecting our clients’ data, and in case of a breach, represent clients on all forums to remedy
their infringement of rights through litigation or arbitration.

Our List of Services

  • Data protection in the public sector
  • Employee data protection
  • Data protection of online projects
  • Cloud computing
  • Protection compliance related matters
  • Due diligence regarding breaches
  • Relocation tasks
  • Consumer information protection

International Office

Our team of international lawyers in Germany have the requisite legal knowledge and
technical expertise to devise creative and original solutions for our clients. With years of
practice in the field, our team has experience in affectively dealing with a multitude of
complex issues that might arise in the globalized data and privacy arena. Our team works
swiftly and affectively in securing clients’ rights towards data use, protection and
cybersecurity. Our distinguished globalized location allows us to deal effectively with
complex and troubled international projects. Our services are available in multiple world
languages and our globalized team in available at multiple world locations. Our team offers a
complete package from start to finish, from advice to contractual drafting, negotiating,
amending, data maintenance, legal issues, litigation, arbitration and much more.

Usual privacy/data protection cases in Germany:

  • Problems regarding legal justification for the use of personal data
  • Scoring
  • Questions on use of unauthorized data amounting to unfair competition in trade
  • Transmission of personal data across borders
  • Websites’ privacy policies
  • Gathering, processing and use of personal data by the media, personal, family activities and employment purposes
  • Issues under German Telemedia Act
  • Data protection audit
  • German Data Protection Supervisory Authorities’ penalties and orders
  • Commercial collection and storage of data for the purpose of transfer, transfer in anonymized form, or for market research
  • Commissioned gathering, processing or use of personal data
  • Commercial misuse of personal data
  • Supervisory authorities’ injunctions on data protection
  • Data sharing to credit inquiry agencies
  • Gathering and storing of data for own commercial purposes
  • Commissioned collection, processing or use of personal data

Our List of Services

  • International data transfers across borders
  • Privacy and cybersecurity audits and policies
  • Cross-border data transfer
  • Data security breach due diligence
  • Privacy-related claims and disputes
  • Privacy statements for online activities
  • Employee, financial, healthcare and marketing privacy
  • Cloud computing and other sourcing arrangements
  • Agreements regarding data processing and transfer
  • Privacy aspects of investigations and e-discovery
  • M&A due diligence and warranty negotiations

Our areas of work

Our team of expert IT and data protection lawyers are highly equipped to assist clients on:

  • Inquiring, suppressing and redressing all sorts of data breaches and cybersecurity events
  • Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity audits
  • Investigations by data protection authorities and regulators
  • Compliance risk assessment and remediation
  • IT and data security, privacy and technology litigation
  • Privacy rules for corporations and their websites
  • International, cross-border data flow requirements
  • Data hub relocation tasks
  • Employee, consumer and patient information
  • Mobile and online privacy issues
  • Strategic regulatory compliance advice
  • Data protection policy creation for consumers in marketing and advertising
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Public and private sector IT contracts
  • Cloud computing and SaaS