Investment in infrastructure is a long-term requirement for growth and a long-term factor
that will make growth sustainable. (Chanda Kochhar)

At KLA, our team of multi-disciplinary, exceptionally skilled lawyers enjoy the reputation
across the infrastructure community for delivering pragmatic, efficient and innovative
solutions to our clients. Infrastructure projects require an in-depth knowledge, not just of the
laws but of the market, which our integrated, international network of lawyers provides us,
and allows us to analyze every situation and deliver results in both developed and emerging
economies, on small and large-scale projects alike. Our unique team of infrastructure lawyers
bring a worldwide experience and perspective to each situation, and provide out-of-the-box
assistance in all areas, including fund formation, project structuring, financing, mergers and
acquisitions, and privatization. Our globalized team is a mixture of skilled lawyers with
expertise in all areas, and we provide tailor-made teams to our clients by assessing the best
lawyers to provide services for each individual project.

Domestic Projects

Our firm has extensive experience in formulating creative and innovative deal structures,
generating acquisition plans, providing 360-degree perspectives to clients, planning and
implementing approaches for buyers and sellers, joint venture partners and public-private
partnership (PPP) projects. Within Pakistan, our clients have benefitted from our expertise,
innovation and skills in the capital markets, and are guided in all matters, including project
financing, refinancing, borrowing, lending, tax structuring, clearance, employment and
pension, real estate, management equity arrangements and many more. Our domestic projects
range from roads and transportation, to malls, factories, warehouses and telecommunication
towers, all of which are skillfully handled from beginning to end.

International Projects

Over the years, our global team of infrastructure lawyers has attracted many multinational
corporations, infrastructure funds, investors, banks, developers and government bodies to
make use of our distinct and original methods, unparalleled skills and unique experiences in
this fast-growing market. Our reputation precedes us within the legal and infrastructure
community, with our work on many leading international projects highlighting our strengths
and understandings of the concerns of each party in global transactions. Our international
office in Germany allows us to take on a wide array of international projects, from ports,
mines, factories, airports, telecommunication and transportation projects across the continent.
Our experience in cross-border finance and securities laws, along with our knowledge on
leveraged finances, equities and bank loans enable us to guide our clients on all nuanced
challenges, no matter the financing structure selected for the project. Our firm’s
multidisciplinary, pragmatic and innovative approaches in handling projects, from advice,
inauguration to financing, construction, regulatory matters and operation, leave our clients
more than satisfied and allow us to maintain the outstanding status of a leading law firm in
international infrastructure projects in numerous jurisdictions.

Our Full Services

KLA is a one-stop shop for all infrastructure projects; our exceptionally skilled and
multidisciplinary team advises clients from all spheres, such as developers, sponsors, banks,
lenders, institutional investors, funds and corporations from start to finish. Our integrated
services and guidance are available on the following areas:

  • Capital markets
  • Construction and engineering, including operation contracts
  • Digital and Smart Infrastructure
  • M&A
  • Social and Defence Infrastructure
  • Planning
  • Projects
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Privatizations
  • Real estate
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Water and Waste
  • Renewables
  • Retail and consumer markets
  • Sourcing and technology
  • Transport infrastructure