Civil and Criminal Law

Civil and Criminal Law

KLA lawyers have an extensive portfolio in a broad range of public and private legal matters,
and our attorneys have been through the rigorous and arduous training and experience
required to reach the level of skill, professionalism and creativity which they display in every
case, no matter how complex. From small-scale and simple civil and criminal matters to
large-scale issues, domestic or international, our team is tailored to provide the best services
to our clients. We have amongst our team, some of the best arbitrators, mediators, litigators
and researchers the country, and the world has to offer, who work around the clock to reach
the best solutions for the clients. Our offices in Pakistan and Germany provide us with a
unique perspective on all matters; our work is ground-breaking and global, derived with the
knowledge and understanding of cross-border legal systems of all major national and
international jurisdictions.

Civil/Private Legal Matters

Civil or private law includes a broad range of matters, all of which are dealt with efficiently
and effectively by the team of remarkably skilled and proficient attorneys at KLA. We have a
strong alternate dispute resolution (ADR) team that prioritizes cost and time effective
settlement of disputes before they reach the courts. Our team is available for clients every
step of the way, whether it is merely providing advise on the basis of laws and regulations,
drafting contracts, negotiating deals, or resolving disputes in front of a judge. We represent
our clients in front of every court and tribunal, whether domestic or international. We are
available for our clients, and prospective clients, on all of the following legal matters, and
many more:

  • ADR (arbitration, mediation, negotiation)
  • Bankruptcy (debt, insolvency, winding up petitions)
  • Banking & Finance (breach of mandate, bank charges dispute, misrepresentation, fraud,
    loan disputes, customer credit disputes)
  • Contract (agency disputes, breach of contract, capacity, illegality, misrepresentation,
    mistake and frustration, repudiatory breach of contract)
  • Company & Commercial (director and shareholder disputes, misappropriation of funds,
    professional negligence, corporate breach of duty)
  • Contentious Probate
  • Defamation (libel or slander)
  • Debt Recovery & Enforcement
  • Fraud
  • International litigation and enforcement
  • Property (boundary disputes, easements, lease agreements, nuisance, trespassing, sale
    purchase agreements)
  • Professional Negligence (doctors, accountants, banks, financial advisors, lawyers)

Criminal Matters

Our team of criminal lawyers are some of the most resourceful, skilled, proficient and
experienced defense lawyers in the field, who are ready to represent their clients and pursue
their cases all the way to the apex court. Our team builds cases in favor of our clients with
sound and extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, by conducting investigations,
evidence collection and documentations on their own. When required, KLA readily secures
services of expert advisors to ensure that our clients get the best outcome in their favor. We
take swift action in all criminal matters, and ensure that our clients never have to suffer
injustice; no matter how vulnerable and grave the situation, the lawyers at KLA ensure all
rights guaranteed for our clients are provided to them. Our services are available in the
following areas, along with many others:

  • Fraud (insurance fraud, immigration fraud, counterfeit)
  • Confiscation (search warrants, cash seizure, asset forfeiture, restraint order, confiscation
  • Criminal conviction appeals
  • Criminal defense (pre-charge investigation, remand, litigation and representation before
    all courts)
  • White collar crime
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Conspiracy
  • Theft and burglary
  • Assault
  • Sexual offences
  • Violent crimes (murder, manslaughter)