Foreign Trade and Investment

Foreign Trade and Investment

International law and institutions are necessary to foster welfare enhancing international trade
and investment activities. Jeffrey Waincymer

The globalized nature of today’s market requires a team of highly-skilled lawyers well-
equipped with the knowledge and inner workings of the laws and the market regimes. Our
domestic office in Pakistan and international office in Germany bring together a diverse and
qualified team of lawyers who can navigate our clients through the current turbulent and
unreliable market. Our expert trade and investment lawyers, former government negotiators
and trade policy specialists form a formidable team, available to assist our clients through all
trade and investment disputes, agreements and negotiations. Our domestic and global
knowledge of cross-border legislations and legal systems enable us to effectively tackle all
complex matters. Our team is always up to date on the geo-political relations between
countries, governmental decisions impacting import and export, closure of borders, cultural
differences, local markets and any other factors that may affect our clients. KLA has the
experience of advising international organizations, and large-scale corporations on complex
trade and investment matters, including multilateral and bilateral agreements, customs
restrictions, trade compliance and litigating trade remedy cases, which have enabled us to
foresee possible future glitches, navigate risks and to advise all companies, large and small,
on the legal and market complexities of doing cross-border investments and trade. An
additional benefit for our clients is the global nature of our firm, which allows our team to be
physically present across the border, and available to negotiate on behalf of our clients in any
of the major world languages, should the need arise.

International Trade

Our International Trade team frequently offers advice to small and large companies on
matters regarding investment structuring, trade contracts and agreements, securing
protections from contractual liabilities, import and export restrictions, trade remedies, border
security issues, anti-corruption laws and in international legal relationships. Our team also
provides advise on effective approaches in structuring investments and formulates the most
efficient and beneficial techniques for our clients to gain maximum advantage of the
international investment treaties and preferential trade agreements. Our international office is
merely a phone call away, and provides our clients with first-hand knowledge that puts them
at a clear advantage over all other companies.


Our specialized team of investment lawyers consist of experiences and proficient legal
professionals with globalized, multidisciplinary knowledge of investment laws, who offer our
clients strategic and informed insight into maximizing their financial benefits through highly
advantageous investments. Our legal team frequently drafts and reviews contracts on behalf
of clients to ensure their interests above all else. At KLA, our priority is the clients’ benefit,
which is mirrored in our approach of avoiding costly and complex investment opportunities and legal disputes, and complying with all legal necessities which should be taken under consideration while advising a client on an investment opportunity

Our Services:

At KLA, our strategic international business experience and globally skilled team of lawyers
offer a vast variety of services for our clients in both domestic and international projects, and
assist them in developing appropriate deal structures with comprehensible and controllable
risk profiles. Our team is highly equipped to manage and successfully deal with all of the
following areas:

  • Negotiations for Trade Agreements
  • Bilateral, Multilateral and Regional Trade Agreements
  • International Trade Compliance
  • International export control and sanctions
  • Tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade
  • Trade policy and advocacy
  • General Counsel services
  • WTO disputes
  • Independent third-party advice for joint ventures
  • Cross-border dispute resolution
  • Global corporate transactions, joint ventures, M&As
  • Customs procedures, rules of origin, and export controls
  • Trade remedies, including anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, and safeguarding measures
  • Trade-in services