Cyber Security & Information Protection

Cyber Security & Information Protection

Information security is rapidly emerging as one of the most critical legal and public relations
issues facing companies today. As the series of highly-publicized security breaches over the
past few years has demonstrated, it is in many respects a time bomb waiting to explode.
Thomas J. Smedinghoff

Private individuals and large corporations alike feel the threat of private information security breach in today’s technologically advanced, information and data-centric world. Our legal team is equipped to deal with all matters to deter such incidents and to manage any occurrences of breach. The legal experts at KLA help clients navigate the difficult legal and regulatory systems and provide advise on the full range of cybersecurity matters. Through data mapping, diligence of M&A targets, study of laws, regulations, policies and procedure, our team of cyber security experts make full and comprehensive assessments of our clients’ profiles. All vulnerabilities and gaps are analyzed and kept in consideration for due diligence.

Our team designs strategic plans to counter any future cyber attacks and breaches, keeping in mind the individual profiles of each client and formulates plans which work best for each situation. The legal team at KLA has the requisite experience of crisis management, in the event of both domestic and global security attacks, by implementing out-of-the-box cyber breach plans. Our team works diligently for information and data recovery, investigations, enforcement of contractual obligations, dispute resolutions and litigations.

Our Areas of Work

  • Handle legal risks related to cybersecurity, information privacy, data governance, IP etc.
  • Inquiry, control and redress of high-level data breaches and cybersecurity incidents
  • Formulating security and privacy policies
  • Audits, compliance risk assessment and remediation
  • Regulatory responses and litigation
  • Cloud services and computing
  • International data sharing requirements
  • contract development and negotiation
  • Data hub relocation projects
  • Use of personal information for advertising and marketing
  • Employee and patient information use
  • Mobile and social-media privacy issues