Start-ups have urgent legal needs from the moment of formation—needs that may have
serious and expensive consequences if not addressed early. Alice Armitage et. al

Our Vision

The brilliant minds of today’s young generation are constantly striving towards creatingbetter, smarter and more innovative business plans and product ideas. As important as their plans are, it is equally important to implement those designs efficiently and accurately, by keeping in mind all the major and minor intricacies surrounding the launching and incorporation of a new company. At KLA, we have envisioned an office that offers start-ups with the necessary legal assistance required to efficiently introduce and advance their ideas into the market. Majority start-ups fail due to lack of attention towards legal matters and procedure, which is where KLA steps in, to ensure such matters are dealt with proficiently and effectively.

Our Expertise

Our team of lawyers at KLA work towards designing attractive and efficient commencement designs for new and up-coming start-ups, whether domestic or international. With the increasing number of SMEs and companies being created, our team has advised many a young minds and entrepreneurs on starting and expanding their businesses. Aware of the significance of legal steadiness and foundational reliability for startup companies, we take on every client with an interdisciplinary approach, providing full services in all matters, ranging from commercial, contract, employment and IP laws.

Our Purpose

The team of expert lawyers at KLA strive to resolve all economic, strategic and legal matters confronted by the founders, by providing tailor-made, personalized and swift help. Our documentation and advice are specific to each case and issue, and not basic or generic. Moreover, we offer affordable packages for new-comers, fully aware of the budgetary limitations of new founders and creators.

Office in Pakistan

Our team of exceptionally skilled, interdisciplinary team offer comprehensive and innovative advice to clients on all legal matters, and provide a complete picture on all matters involved in the launch of a new company, including employment, trade, tax, commercial, tenancy, IP, IT or any other legal matters. Our team is at the top of its game in handling all details, including getting the requisite intellectual property rights, drafting contracts or terms of services, advising on market challenges or any multitude of challenges that might arise. Our firm is a one-stop shop for start-ups on all matters.

Our Services on Every Major Step

KLA is with you at every major step of your start-up, from the beginning to the end, and will facilitate you at every level:

  1. Foundation of the Start-up: Our team is exceptionally qualified to deal in all matters in order to launch your start-up company, including advice on all corporate matters, drafting of important documents such as articles of association, shareholder agreements, employee contract etc. We also offer services on employment issues, such as employee schemes and management. In matters of licensing, trademarks and IP related issues, our team of experts cater to all registrations and accreditations. We offer advice on data protection, IT and social-media laws, financial services and fundings, as well as all taxation matters.
  2. Financing Your Start-up: Our team offers advice on financing models, including venture capitals and private equity. We also draft and negotiate agreements with financers and investors on behalf of the clients in matters including venture capital, silent partnership, crowdfunding, mezzanine financing, small cap financing, ICOs, virtual employee participation.
  3. Management of an existing start-up: all disputes within the company, termination, exclusion, compensation of shareholders, capital increase, shareholders' agreements are effectively resolved by our team of qualified experts.
  4. Buy, sell or transfer a start-up: KLA offers expertise in acquiring new start-ups companied, shares, by providing due-diligence in all matters. We conduct liability risk assessments, tax audits and purchase price determinations.

Office in Germany

The German market is currently witnessing as many as 5,000 new start-ups; this new and fast emerging community is filled with brilliant entrepreneurs. All the major cities of the country act as major attractions and launching pads for not just German, but also international businessmen who wish to introduce their plans into one of the world’s leading economies.

Our office in Germany is strategically positioned, and our team of internationally skilled lawyers are well-equipped and well-versed in offering the best suited plans for young businesses. Our team offers services from the very beginning in setting up the business, all the way to the last step. Our inter-disciplinary team can deal in all matters, including matters of tax, employment, commercial property, rent agreements, equity, debt capital, M&A, data protection, investment funds and many more.

Our focus areas:

  • Incorporation of the company (advice on appropriate legal structures, company name etc.)
  • Drafting of documents (articles of association, terms of service etc.)
  • Financial matters (investment funding, bank loans)
  • Corporate legal matters (governance compliance, asset and wealth management, financial services and regulations etc.)
  • Intellectual property matters (acquiring trademarks, patents)
  • Tax law advice
  • Labor and employment law advice (drafting of employee contracts, dispute resolution)
  • Advice on rent and property purchase
  • Representing clients in litigation and dispute resolution