Immigration policy is an increasingly important part of economic growth and development
around the world because nearly all industrialized states face a set of common challenges
relating to the sustainability of their economic growth and welfare states. John D. Skrentny

Immigration has never been so easy; KLA offers the best guidance and assistance to private
individuals as well as business clients who seek immigration to Germany, or any nation
across the globe. Our international office in Germany provides us with the advantage of
dealing with clients’ immigration processes in person. KLA provides the best services for all
persons and companies seeking a better future in the world’s largest economies. The
internationally experienced immigration lawyers at KLA provide assistance to all who aim
for a high standard of living, better security, better studies, and a wider job market. We deal
in all matters, from work visas, EU blue cards, residence permits, spouse and family visas,
visit visas, citizenship and much more.

Employment Immigration

With continuous innovation, and new companies setting up each day, the demand for
educated management, employees as well as skilled labor is increasing at a fast pace. Foreign
citizens from all over the world are sought to bring in their knowledge and expertise. The
immigration lawyers at KLA are well-versed in all laws and regulations pertaining to
residency and employee permits, which are required if one wishes to enter the job market in
the EU or other areas of the world. Our specialty is in obtaining the “EU Blue Card” for
professionals, including engineers, doctors and IT- specialists, who can reside and work in
EU for up to 4 years, with the prospects of permanent settlement.

Business and Corporate Immigration

Our team of immigration experts at KLA offer the best guidance to established, as well as
new and emerging entrepreneurs seeking to expand, move or introduce their businesses to the
wider markets across borders. We advise clients and their companies with the best
immigration options, to Germany, EU or other nations, on receiving their residence permits.
Our team is not only skilled in obtaining such permits for clients, but also in setting up
businesses. As a full-service law firm, our team stands by our clients, from start to finish, in
all legal and regulatory matters our client wants our services. We are ready to deal with all
challenges, and our inside understanding of the workings of the immigration offices allow us
to resolve all matters proficiently.

Our team also assists businesses and corporations who wish to hire management or
employees from abroad in obtaining their required visas. Whether it be an EU Blue Card or
residence permit for the employee, or a family reunification for their family members, our
team is available to deal with all such matters efficiently and proficiently.

Family Reunification

Obtaining family visas can often be challenging and time-consuming, especially depending
on the client’s citizenship. There are various and complex laws, which can often lead to disappointment for all looking to settle abroad along with their loved ones. However, our
team at KLA is experienced and skilled in obtaining such visas for our clients’ families,
ensuring smooth and timely issuance of such permits and successful, happy family reunions.

Citizenship and Permanent Residency

Clients who wish to apply for citizenship or permanent residence status in Germany, or any
other country, whether through descent or through naturalization, will be guided and assisted
by our international team who are well-aware of all the intricacies and requirements of the
rules and regulations. Through descent, persons who can prove familial or ancestral ties to
Germany or other nations, and through naturalization, for persons unrelated to the country,
our team provides its A-game for each client. Citizenship provides individuals with numerous
benefits and rights, such as the vote, rights under the law as well as living there permanently
without the need for a permit. Moreover, persons benefit from the EU and Schengen zone,
with visa free travel to many areas across the globe. For clients who wish to apply for
citizenship, our team provides services in all types of citizenships below:

  • Citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship by naturalization
  • Dual citizenship
  • Residence permit extension
  • EU permanent residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Retaining citizenship
  • Renouncing citizenship

Visit Visa

Visit visas are the most highly-required and applied form of visas, with persons visiting
Germany and EU for tourism, entertainments, sports, business-meetings, lecture seminars or
health facilities for which they require short-term visas. Our team is expert in applying for
and obtaining Schengen visas, business visas, medical purpose visas and all shot-term visas
for our clients looking to make a small trip abroad. Considering the security and health crisis
of this time, our team can expertly navigate all arising complication, allowing our clients to
sit back, relax and enjoy their trip without needless worries if the complicated processes.

Country Specific Advice

KLA provides services of tailor-made, region-specific teams who have the comprehensive
and detailed understanding of the rules and systems of the country our client wishes to apply
to, or are applying from. For many years now, our team has provided services in relocating
clients from one part of the world to another, and with this experience, have developed a keen
knowledge of the inner systems of the immigration processes from around the globe. Along
with our international presence in Germany, one of the most sought immigration destinations,
we ensure our clients with the best outcomes.

Our areas of work:

  • Employment permit
  • Business visa
  • Corporate visa
  • EU Blue Card
  • Residence permit
  • Family unification
  • Spousal visa
  • Schengen Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship by naturalization
  • Retaining citizenship
  • Renouncing citizenship
  • Dual citizenship
  • Permit/visa extension